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Join 3,000 developers using appnext SDK, suggesting their users with new apps and earning up to $5 per install.

At appnext, we designed the most effective ad tools to show the right app to the right user, in the smartest way. We provide you with our unique ad solutions while encouraging you to use your creativity finding the best way to suggest new apps to your users. Both ways guarantee above-market-standards eCPM, make you more money and build a business out of your apps.

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Dashboard and reporting

Using appnext dashboard is easy. Our reporting system allows our full access to view statistics and analyze your data based on time, ads, placements and GEO. All reports are easy to download and edit as excel sheets.

Appnext provide additional methods of automated reporting:
Postback API - appnext will report each action to appear on your server in realtime.
Reporting API - receive all the data and place it on your own dashboard automatically in realtime

With over 2 years experience, appnext has mastered social media monetization. Our own self-developed dynamic interstitial and banner ads will monetize your traffic in an unintrusive way, while serving relevant promotions. Our average CTRs, Conversion rates and eCPM are the highest in the business. Of course, implementation of these tools is super easy and take only minutes..

Superior payments

Our unique algorithm and optimization system produce the highest eCPMs in the digital industry. Our payout policy ensure you will be paid 10 days within the end of each month (net 10).